"Happy Trails to You...until we meet again!"

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The Adventure Begins for youth ages 12 - 18!

Jerry Warren

Georgia's Cowboy Poet

Jerry raises cattle, teaches Cowboy Poetry and oversees the "ranch hands" who are helping gather and review the submissions


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The Hornbek Homestead - Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument

By early Spring, 1878, Adeline Hornbek moved to Colorado Springs

and then eventually built her ranch on 160 acres in Florissant.  Her ranch consisted of a main house, bunkhouse that served has a home for farm hands that help harvest her 3-acre garden full of potatoes and fruit and many other kinds of vegetables, a root cellar, barn, and carriage shed. Quite an accomplishment for a Pioneer Woman - as she also had 4 children, served on the school board and worked in the general store.
Learn more about Adeline at http://nps.gov.flfo




Cowboy & Cowgirl Poets

Since the late 1700's Cowboys have been writing and reciting poetry around the campfire. Today, they continue at Cowboy Gatherings, entertaining across our great nation. 


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Photography by Mike McLean at the Sewell Farm, Griffin, Georgia for A Backpack Journalist, LLC. Dallas, Texas & Linda Dennis at the Sewell Farm, Florissant, Colorado & Lexington Kentucky for  A Backpack Journalist, LLC

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